Two ideas for assessment pieces based on ICT.

Whilst creating my online artifact I found myself thinking of how students can use ICT’s as an assessment piece or at least contribute towards their grading. One idea I had was students to create a video workout as a group, this workout can be in any form they wish, whether this be strength, agility, flexibility and so on or if they wish a dance routine. Another use of ICT within sport is the video recording of practical lessons of students skills and how they can improve their skills. The recording of students allows them to self evaluate and observe what skills need improving, this can also be done as a group for peer evaluation.


Cognitive benefits of First person shooter games.

Many parents will debate of how violent games such as gun games can affect their children negatively. Although, depending on the age of the player these negative affects can have little or no affect. The games are aimed for people aged 15+ so children aged younger can develop violent behaviours. Now, the cognitive benefits of these game suggest players develop faster reaction times, enhanced visual processing and creativity.

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Benefits of video games

As the topic for my assignment is trying to convince parents of how ICT’s are useful, I decided to research benefits of video games to keep with my topic. This article talks about the benefit of games not just for students, but for adults as well. Every genre of game has its advantages towards the player. The writer of the article talks about how the very popular game ‘World of Warcraft’ which can be rather addicting promotes team work, sets goals and bring people together to achieve specific goals that maybe difficult to achieve individually. As for adults simulators for medical procedures found to be very useful in the practical sense.

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Effective use of ICT within HPE

Whilst researching for my assignment I stumbled upon this article discussing how to use ICT’s effectively within HPE. The article discusses how video games can be useful within classes. The main points tell of how the vast majority of children in America own a video game console and how using these games in class would promote more participation and fun within class activities whilst still learning and being physical.  Although the main issue with trying to use these consoles is the lack of controllers for the games. In the pictures posted within the article it shows a setup of mats that the students use to copy the screen where a student is using the main mat. 

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Using the Nintendo Wii within HPE.

The article ‘Wii in the classroom’ by Patty Murry discusses the different uses of the Wii for physical fitness and excersise. The Wii fit game is categorized into yoga, strength, aerobics and balance games which can be initially used and played by students. From there, the children, much like the use of xbox kinect, can create their own routines. These routines can be used within follow up lessons on their fellow students to test how well they work.

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Using the Xbox Kinect as a means of ICT usage.

Using a gaming console within the classroom would require the students to be extremely well behaved and have the utmost self control when using the game. As these consoles are pricey it maybe difficult to have them within a school although the fun factor within using them could be rewarding for students as they will be active, have a small degree of competition and enjoy their class. Fitness games would be of good use for health aspects as students can use exercises within the games to create their own fitness routines.